Joglo Teak House

Joglo is a type of traditional vernacular house of the Javanese people (Javanese omah). The word joglo refers to the shape of the roof. In the highly hierarchical Javanese culture, the type of the roof of a house reflects the social and economic status of the owners of the house; joglo houses is traditionally associated with Javanese aristocrats. Joglo roof can be implemented to a dwelling (omah) or a pavilion (pendopo). In a structured Javanese society and tradition, the joglo house is traditionally associated with the residence of Javanese aristocrats. The joglo-type houses is reserved for Javanese palace, official residence, government estate, and the house of nobles (ningrat).
Source: Gunawan Tjahjono, ed. (1998). Architecture. Indonesian Heritage. 6. Singapore: Archipelago Press. ISBN 981-3018-30-5.

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TeakHouseJava - Joglo Mini 1
Joglo Mini 1
Joglo Mini 2
Joglo Mini 3
Joglo Mini 4
Joglo 93
Joglo Kudus Traditional House
Joglo Kudus House With Gebyok
Joglo Kudus With Carvings
Joglo 8
Joglo 9

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