Limasan Teak House

Limasan is a type of traditional Javanese architecture house. Traditional houses have been around since Javanese anchestor timefor a long time. In addition, the Limasan house is also known for having a simple and beautiful design. Another advantage in the architecture of the building limasan this house can also reduce the earthquake.

It is called Limasan, because this type of traditional house has a rectangular or pyramid-shaped plan. A simple limasan house consists of four roofs, consisting of two roofs called “kejen / cocor” and two roofs called “bronjong” in the form of a parallelogram.

Many traditional limasan buildings use natural elements. Its ability to absorb earthquakes is possible due to the structural system used. Limasan structure in the form of a frame that shows the wooden trunks arranged by applying the shape of a pyramid-roofed cube. This is based on the system and nature of the wood joints used, all of which are anticipating tensile forces.

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Limasan Garung
Limasan Semarang

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