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We have a special collection of doorways and gebyok.

Gebyok is a medium for dividing or separating tools made of wood. It uses the main material. This gebyok is usually also equipped with ornament or decoration in the form of carving traditional motifs which are usually applied to the waist, sides and top.

As a partition or room divider, commonly gebyok divides rooms include a living room or family room. In addition, gebyok is also installed as a decoration of a mainhall.

Gebyok is made with detailed carvings, although there are actually gebyok that are plain or without ornaments. A gebyok is considered good if the facade is smooth, and it has a very detail and difficult carvings. Especially if the gebyok is carved in three dimensions with a strong and durable wood quality.

Therefore, gebyok has indeed become more than just a partition. But it also has high aesthetic and artistic value. Especially gebyok from Jepara and Kudus, Central Java.

The basic function of gebyok is as a partition or partition between spaces. Or also as access to enter the house. At present the use is no longer rigid, the size can be adjusted as people want. Unlike in the past, the old Javanese gebyok must follow a certain size arrangement.

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