Five Simple Steps to Buying a Teak house

1. Choose a style

Take a look at the website and choose a style of house.

2. View photos and/or see the teakhouse if possible

You may request a drawing with exact measurements.

3. Contact us for the best price and information.

We can also give you a quote on insurance, transport by truck or shipping costs by container.
We will explain the legal process, security and certificate requirements.
You may want to place a holding deposit on the house at this stage. (Typically 10%)

4. Place a 50%  deposit on the house.

At this stage we will arrange for the building to be disassembled and marked for assembly.
We will also arrange the transport or shipping details.

5. Once the house is on the truck or in the container the owner must be paid in full.

Then we will insure the house for safe passage to your destination.
Plans will be given to you for foundations and the timber plans marked for assembly.

We can also arrange a team of Javanese builders to construct and maintain the building.